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I could speak tomes of how
you tie in with that hooker from down the lane.

You may notice an absurd level of Pokemon, Vocaloid, Kingdom Hearts, and Homestuck; that is completely normal, here.

+Addendum: Adventure Time

Enjoy the inconsistencies and cleanliness

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I like things lite. Efficient. Accurate. I’m nothing more than alien bio-technology trapped on this rock. Not meant for creating, rather destroying and manipulating, but in utilizing the latter half of intended functions a loophole “created”.

I’d want nothing more than a session at my keyboard or some paint soaked brushes and canvas.

I’m Twenty(20) entire solar revolutions in age, I enjoy the notch in the color spectrum called “purple” as well as “red”, and can communicate; Albeit, not entirely properly, in the following; Binary, Russian, Japanese, English.

►Visually, I’m stimulated by:

››Artists: Norman Rockwell, Kai(pixiv), Glider(pixiv), 8’101(pixiv), NtDevont(DA), QuimSketch(?), Yunomi(P), Nagimiso.sys, Mentaiko(pixiv), Jukebox(?), Tama(pixiv), Ao Shiki(pixiv), Bin/Hinoan(pixiv), ca(pixiv), Tohma(pixiv), Naop(pixiv), Seal(pixiv2373344), Tetsuya Nomura

››Webcomics: PennyArcade, Lackadaisy, Starfighter(HamletM.), Broken Winter, MSPaintAdventures(Homestuck, Problem Sleuth), Teahouse, Oglaf, Hark!A Vagrant(Kate Beaton), Yaoi911(Artifice), Red Lantern, Unconditional Love, Bite-size(George Alex)

››Fandoms: Vocaloid, Homestuck, Avatar The Last Air Bender(ATLB)/The Legend of Korra(TLOK), Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy series(VII, IX, X, X-2), Pokemon(R, HGSS, BW), Blue Exorcist, Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki movies, Axis Powers Hetalia(APH), Gorillaz

››Random: Brandnew Boy, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Alpacas, De de mouse, Pogo, DRAMAtical Murder

How posting Works

Anipan: Will contain high resolution pics for better view on details with lengthy protection from piracy. (ie. for expensive prints that I want to showcase)

DeviantArt: Here, pieces will vary in quality and style because I will use this site as a digital portfolio. Prints will be for sale here. Finished animations will go here only.

Facebook: Only a close group of friends and family will be able to view the private drawings I post here.

Furraffinity: NSWF Furry things (specific audience)

Piapro: Vocaloid themed music/illustrations/lyrics

Pixiv: NSFW or SFW and unlike DA will have only absolutely finished pieces, but will not have prints for sale.

Soundcloud: Music

Tumblr: WIPs, Scribbles, Memes, and links to other finished works. Animations will be dumped here, too.

Y-Gallery: NSFW MxM or men in general (specific audience)

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